Global brand campaign for Cipralex®

By using customer insights, W helped Lundbeck to develop a Global brand campaign. Explore more below!

Our Challenge

Cipralex®/Lexapro® is for the treatment of brain diseases, including major depressive episodes and anxiety. W was asked to develop a global brand campaign using key customer insights to differentiate Cipralex® from generic escitalopram with its target physicians.

The Solution

In many of Lundbeck’s key markets, the original Cipralex® brand faces competition from generic versions of escitalopram. Despite this, many physicians have continued with Cipralex®. Using key customer insights identified through a series of affiliate meetings, W developed the Cipralex® brand heritage campaign – ‘expect nothing less than the original’. As part of the brand campaign W developed a sales story flow and key selling messages highlighting the value of continuing to prescribe the original brand, and the potential issues of using generic products in the management of brain disorders. To support the consistent understanding and implementation of the brand campaign, W developed a ‘step by step’ sales guide for the affiliates on how to implement the campaign and ran a series of training sessions at regional affiliate workshops.

Final Result

A motivating, relevant and highly compelling brand campaign that has inspired Lundbeck’s key affiliates to communicate to their target physicians the benefits of Cipralex® in the management of depression and anxiety.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, there are significant differences between the originator brand and a generic product – a fact that is largely unknown to many physicians. The brand campaign developed with W has been quickly adopted by our key markets, as it clearly addresses their local needs, and we’ve received many positive customer reactions to the key selling messages in the campaign. Yet another very successful initiative from the W Communication Agency!
Fredrik Jerre
Director & Head of Global Marketing


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