Launching the digital assistant – SAM

The challenge given to W was how best to launch SAM, so that customers could quickly grasp the added value of Sandvik’s offering. Explore SAM below!

Our Challenge

Being at the forefront of development has always been a guiding principle for Sandvik. In this case, the focus was on developing a new digital service that could service both mining and construction customers with a specific focus on depth in crushing and screening plants, instead of a general high-level fleet management tool.
Based on customer insights and discussions, Sandvik quickly identified that there was an opportunity to develop a digital tool that brought all key stakeholders, within a plant, together. Such a tool would enable everyone in the team to have easy access to the latest status of both the production process and the actual fleet. The application needed to be easily accessed and downloaded to both stationary computers and tablets, the latter providing mobility.
The app would also include functions such as Inspection checklists, E-commerce and Team tools for information sharing and communication. To secure a successful digital service offer, Sandvik engaged customers to co-create the solution from the beginning of the project.

Whilst Sandvik was developing the actual app, W was asked to support and develop various launch materials to secure successful communication of the application to both internal and external stakeholders. Furthermore, W was asked to identify a suitable name and icon for this new application.


The Solution

To develop an in-depth understanding of the digital tools being offered by the competition, W performed a landscape analysis of Sandvik’s five largest competitors. This gave us insights on their focus areas and the keywords they were using with their target audience. By performing the analysis, it became clear to us that a customer-centric application from Sandvik would be very welcome on the market.
In parallel with the development of a visual and verbal concept, W also initiated a process of identifying a name and icon for this new digital tool. W made sure that Sandvik received a solution with a look and feel that was true to Sandvik, so it could be easily recognized and associated as a solution from Sandvik. After an intense development phase, the application was named “SAM by Sandvik”.

Final Result

Like many digital offerings, SAM is an ever-evolving digital service that is designed to support operational excellence for the running of daily operations. Sandvik will continuously add smart functions to the application to ensure that it continues to add value to Sandvik’s target audience over time.

The launch of SAM was a huge success, with much of this success resulting from the SAM assets developed by W and Sandvik:

- Verbal and visual concept
- Naming and icon of the digital service
- Research – digital tools offered by the competition
- Internal sales guide
- Customer presentation
- SAM web campaign page (see:
- Product leaflet copy
- Pre-launch video for virtual MINExpo 2020


The development and delivery of a solid communication platform together with a name and icon for our product, gave us a great foundation to work from. Together with W we created a number of valuable marketing assets that supported our launch of SAM by Sandvik.
Robert Picard
Product Marketing Specialist, Stationary Crushing & Screening Division


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