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Norgine came to W to support them in helping patients about to undergo a colonoscopy. See the material W created

Our Challenge

MoviPrep is a medical product used to cleanse the colon (bowel) before a colonoscopy. By cleaning the colon, this helps the physician have a clear view of the colon wall for signs of cancer, for example. Norgine came to W to support them in helping patients about to undergo a colonoscopy to have a better understanding of the procedure, what MoviPrep is, the benefits of the product and how it works. The main objective of the project was to help patients understand the importance of how to take their treatment correctly before the colonoscopy. When performing a colonoscopy, preparations play a vital role. Prior to the procedure, the patient also needs to avoid eating or drinking anything that may make it difficult to see the colon wall.

The Solution

The request from Norgine was originally to develop a brochure, but after taking W’s advice, they decided to go with an animated film, as this was both educational and interesting for patients to better understand a colonoscopy and MoviPrep – what it is for and how it to use it. Before developing the storyboard for the film, W interviewed a nurse and a doctor at a hospital in Denmark to get a better understanding of the product as well as the colonoscopy procedure. These key customer insights were used to identify what was most important to communicate.


Play Video about movprep-film-norgine

Final Result

With an animated film available, the patient could watch the video before a doctor’s visit, or in the doctor’s office, before the procedure. It could also be used in multiple channels and be translated into several languages.

Do you know anyone who has had a colonoscopy or is about to have one? By watching the MoviPrep film below you can get a better understanding of the procedure and the treatment.

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