Presentation skills training

Lundbeck asked W to develop and implement series of ‘train the trainer’ workshops focusing on delivering effective presentations. See how we did below

Our Challenge

Cipralex® /Lexapro® is for the treatment of brain diseases, including major depressive episodes and anxiety. To support the cascade of the Cipralex® /Lexapro® communication strategy to global and local Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), W was asked to develop and implement series of ‘train the trainer’ workshops focusing on delivering effective presentations.



The Solution

W developed a ½ day workshop to train KOLs on communicating the key Cipralex® /Lexapro® clinical data in a compelling and convincing manner using PowerPoint. After presentations on the Cipralex®/Lexapro® clinical data, and how to deliver an effective presentation / address difficult questions, the KOLs were then asked to construct their own short Cipralex® /Lexapro® presentation, which were then presented to the workshop attendees. W then evaluated the presentations and provided feedback that was shared with the presenter and attendees.

Final Result

A highly motivating ‘train the trainer’ workshop that created an opportunity for KOLs in the area of psychiatry to refine and develop their presentation skills when presenting the Cipralex® /Lexapro® clinical data, potentially leading to increased understanding and retention of the brand’s key clinical data.


  • New insights through workshops and in-depth customer interviews
  • Internal Sales Guide for Ambassadors, incl off- and online sales tools
  • Internal Knowledge Guide
  • Teaser brochure (printed leave behind and direct mailing)


We knew there is a huge interest from KOLs to develop their presentation skills in order to more effectively be able to communicate for larger audiences. In addition, the Cipralex global team wished to reach out to more prescribers with new clinical data. By asking W to develop a tailor made programme to “train-the-trainers” the gain was twofold: An excellent communication skill training combined with sharing of key clinical data. The feedback from our customers was overwhelmingly positive and we will ask W to repeat the success at future global meetings.
Fredrik Jerre Ph.D
Director and Head of Global Marketing


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