Sales training program

Ensuring launch readiness. See how W supported Grünenthal in developing a sales training programme to help the sales team!

Our Challenge

APO-go® is a treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease who are not sufficiently controlled by oral anti-Parkinson medication. As Parkinson’s Disease (PD) was a new therapeutic area for pharmaceutical company Grünenthal, they wanted to develop a sales programme to help the sales team quickly and effectively understand their target customers, by collecting important information about their management of PD and the potential role for APO-go®.


The Solution

Based on this objective, W developed a modular sales training programme to help the sales team structure the sales call and handle objections to prescribe APO-go. It also included a ‘brand adoption ladder’ and criteria for moving customers up the ladder from unaware to aware, trial users and regular users.

Final Result

After introducing the sales training programme at a one day workshop, the sales team now shares a common approach to communicating the key benefits of the brand to their target customers. The APO-go® sales training programme and materials is intended to be a living document, and more modules will be added to the programme over time.


Launching a new product in the PD market requires a strategic partner that offers strong dedication and expertise, as well as a new perspective on the commercial approaches. The team at W combined our business strategy and product positioning into a hands-on approach to ensure launch readiness and to optimize our customer interactions when presenting the benefits of APO-go® in PD. A true value add!
Jeanett Saplana
Parkinson Brand Manager Nordics


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