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Åse Ekström

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.

Gergia O´Keeffe


‘Queen of goddesses’, that’s the old East Norse meaning of female name Åse. It sounds much more pretentious than dear Åse Ekström herself would ever claim to be, but for the rest of us here at W it came very natural to crown her our own Queen of Art.

With a solid bachelor’s degree in graphic design and ten years’ of practice, Åse has a broad range of creative skills. She translates brand strategies into visual poetry, technological intricacies into clear eye-catchers and complicated identities into impactful designs. And more often than not, you can spot a clever or playful detail in her work.

Maybe it’s her past as guest lecturer at Malmö University that gives her work that extra pedagogical touch. Or maybe it’s just her curiosity in how people assimilate information. Whatever the reason, it makes all the difference while operating the W mantra – ‘turning complexity into clarity’.

Outside her official engagements, Åse grows green food in the family allotment, works with artistic assemblage, creates new fonts or illustrates children’s books. Like we said – a queen of many skills…


Brand development, conceptual art development, typography, design development, illustrations, pedagogical design, logo and identity development etc.


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