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Johan Sjövall

It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.

Jonathan Ive


The son of a typographer and a chief nurse, Johan literally grew up in the world of advertising, design and customer care. As an art director, illustrator and graphic designer, he has worked in agencies across the nation and is just as used to client meetings over ‘smørrebrød’ on the ferry to Denmark as discussing brochure layouts in the Ice Hotel Bar in Jukkasjärvi.

The magical universe of music and theatre got Johan into performing arts for a while. Don’t tell anyone, but he has even studied acrobatics for a former Soviet circus clown!

His built-in curiosity for how the world works has made Johan a master of the in-and-outs of computers and digital tools, and he’s seriously into wearables, gadgets and the Internet of things.

In Johan, you’ll find an easygoing talent that makes everyone around him comfortable and leaves nothing to chance. His spare time is spent fixing up the old cabin, hanging out with family, and enjoying the works of Kevin Smith, Martin Scorsese and Aaron Sorkin. And if you’re ever in a music or film quiz, make sure to get Johan on your team.


Art direction, illustration, graphic design, typography, corporate identity development, brand development, concept development etc. internet of things, digital channels.


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