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Sunil Ramkali

There is no point rowing harder, if you are heading in the wrong direction.

Kenichi Ohmae


Take all the insights you can gather from 20+ years in different marketing and commercial roles at big pharma companies and blend it with a solid dose of strategic knowledge and tactical expertise. That’s Sunil Ramkali, a seasoned professional and advisor to some of the world’s leading pharma brands.

British by origin, Sunil is a true internationalist with French speaking parents from Mauritius and having worked in global & local sales, marketing and market access/pricing roles in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. His broad specialist skills within strategic pharma marketing has earned him the role as Account Director for the Life Science business unit at W. Being blessed with the gift of verbal expression, he is also an appreciated speaker and workshop facilitator.

On a personal note, Sunil is coaching the local Blentarp village boy’s football team and is a huge soccer devotee. He’s also a music connoisseur with a rare talent of remembering artist names and dates of contemporary music of all genres. Go on, put him to the test…


Sales training, global and affiliate marketing, market access, pricing & reimbursement, in-depth understanding of the communication value chain – from regulators to payers to healthcare professionals to patients etc.


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