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There is only one way to be sure

Alfa Laval


How do you change a behavior that has been ‘industry standard’ for years? On the heat exchanger market, tweaking heat duty calculations may give customers a lower purchase price up front, but results in an under-dimensioned heat exchanger leader to higher energy use. That’s why Alfa Laval wanted to make the truth known, making specifiers, consultants and end customers aware of the problem – and the solution.



Through a strong story flow, starting out from the troubling results of under-dimensioned heat exchangers, we helped Alfa Laval present the solution – called AHRI. For years, Alfa Laval has supported the AHRI Certification Program – the only independent, non-profit organization that certifies the performance of liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers globally. The creative platform and message of the campaign, “There is only one way to be sure”, builds on all the uncertainties to take into consideration in the heat exchanger market.



The awareness campaign was launched internally across markets, together with a Launch Guide explaining the reasoning, objectives, our story and messages. It is now being rolled out globally supported by a range of sales support materials.

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