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Created by Knut Haadem, Chief Physician at Helsingborg hospital, in close cooperation with experienced midwives, the aim of BabySlide is to reduce the risk for and the amount of perineal tearing during natural childbirth. Today, most preventative treatments for perineal tearing are very limited, which means that BabySlide potentially addresses an unmet need in the market.

The company behind the invention, Karo Pharma, approached W for help to prepare and support the launch of BabySlide in the Swedish market. The product, a medical device that distributes the pressure of the baby’s head against the vaginal wall, is clinically proven to reduce the risk of perineal tearing and is also safe and easy to use. Clinical studies show that BabySlide, when used during childbirth, significantly reduces the amount of perineal tearing, and also the severity of them.

To help educate and inform the target group, W in collaboration with Karo Pharma created sales and education material to showcase the benefits of the product as well as the issue of tearing, and what consequences it has not only for the woman affected, but for the society and healthcare system as a whole. Perineal trauma, or fear of perineal trauma, may also lead to surgical procedures to repair tearing and more elective Caesarean sections, which obviously lead to increased costs for healthcare systems.
Babyslide presentation

Babyslide use information

A PowerPoint presentation, an Instruction-for-use film together with an Investor-film brought the message to life by showing real-life testimonials from the BabySlide inventor, midwives as well as a mother who had experienced the benefits of BabySlide during childbirth.

Here at W, we hope that BabySlide together with the material we have created, continue to have an impact on the target customer and increase the awareness of the problems of perineal tearing.

Babyslide mom interview
Want to know more? Contact Account Director Sunil Ramkali.

Our choice of agency was based on previous good
experience from working with W Communication Agency with similar projects. In addition to the competence needed we very much appreciate the open and constructive dialogue during the process and their competitive pricing for delivering the projects.

Carl Lindgren, Vice President of Karo Pharma

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