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A world in motion


The car industry is growing rapidly, with new technology, regulatory demands and a booming middle class. The numbers of cars is believed to double over the upcoming decades. This global trend opens up for the Hedson Group – a leading provider of high performance workshop equipment, innovation and services.


The Hedson Group consist of strong products brands, the acquired IRT, Drester, Herkules and Trisk brands/products ranges. W was tasked to help establish a brand position for the Hedson brand and to start bridging/transferring equity from the products brands into the Hedson brand. A secondary task was and is to keep momentum up and roll-out materials in several channels.


Based on close cooperation, strategic documentation, NeedScope positioning and solid background material, W went to work. To establish a firm communication platform to build on, W started to develop a strategic house with a stretching strategic positioning, brand promise, key selling messages and support messages. Once the strategic components were in place, W developed a corporate communication concept – with verbal and written messages, to efficiently activate across communication channels and markets.


In addition to the strategic material, W also developed an elevator pitch (the strategic components boiled-down) and created a corporate tagline. The material has been validated internally and externally throughout the process and has received positive feedback. Below you will see samples of materials which W has developed based on the communication concept and key branding components.

Brand Development