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Eco Discovery Room

Tetra Pak


The Tetra Pak promise, Protects What’s Good, extends beyond food and drink. To show how Tetra Pak strives for minimal environmental impact throughout the value chain, the company wanted to offer internal and external visitors an interesting and interactive experience, while positioning Tetra Pak as an innovative market leader and knowledge partner.


eco disc 1

W developed an experience room, basing the flow and content on the phases in the value chain (from raw material to recycling), and designing it for both self-exploration and guided tours. And to make each visit unforgettable, W created tailored hardware and software experiences highlighting the drivers and importance of each phase, reinforcing the overall message of how a green mindset really is financially beneficial for all. Additionally, we made sure to create a flexible room – offering the opportunity for wow-moments as well as in-depth discussions.

W has, in close partnership with Tetra Pak, been fully responsible for the development of the showroom – from idea generation to productions and installing every item and experience on location.

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