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A&R Carton


What makes one package stand out from the rest in stores? Brand awareness? Shelf placement? Price? Several factors, of course, but they are all connected to one thing: the package. A&R Carton therefore asked W to create tools to present the unique printing techniques that A&R Carton offers.

A&R Carton packaging design


W developed the “Creating Effects” concept, showing how smart packaging creates effects throughout the entire life cycle. We designed and produced a series of theme packages and material for the SCAN PACK Exhibition and for sales meetings.


Packages. Various sizes, printed on different material and with selection of advanced lacquers, foiling and varnishes (mirrorgloss, iriodin, hot foil, UV varnish, water varnish…) all printed at A&R Cartons plants.

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A&R Carton packaging design
A&R Carton packaging design
A&R Carton
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