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Trelleborg Group


To boost commitment and use of digital channels, Trelleborg Corporate Communciations asked W to upgrade the theoretical understanding of Digital Channels into practical experience for the top 100 global managers within the group.


W designed and facilitated a 5-hour workshop with an inspirational speaker and a digital challenge – in fact, a game. The participants were divided into teams, each team was equipped with a laptop, two iPads and a large screen. The challenge toured the teams through a number of key digital channels – each channel presenting a best case example which each team explored and had to answer questions on. Before moving on to the next digital channel, the teams had to rank and discuss the business relevance of the channel from a pre-sales, sales and after-sales perspective. The workshop generated key data regarding the Digital Channels business relevance.
Trelleborg Digital Channels Workshop


  • Speaker
  • Workshop design, process and facilitation
  • Gamification exercise

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