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As you can tell by the name, Sandvik Stationary Crushing and Screening offers solutions for both crushing and for screening. But worldwide, they are much more well-known for their crushing offering than screening solutions. A situation Sandvik wanted to change, since both these areas are vital for successful mining and quarry operations.

That’s why W was asked to help launch 3 new screen ranges as well as strengthen and revitalize the fact that Sandvik is world leader within screening solutions as well.


Instead of seeing all steps within the screening process as stand-alone features, our aim was to bundle equipment, services, and expertise into one clear offer which we named “Peak Screening”. A term that describes how the mining and construction industry can secure that their screening operation is reaching its full productivity potential.

With Peak Screening you get a comprehensive offer delivering a unique value which is greater than the sum of its parts.




This new and revitalized take on the Sandvik screening offer resulted in a complete set of deliverables from the W team to secure that the market received the message. This includes a customer presentation, film, web campaign page, brochure, expert interview film, ads and internal sales training materials.

With help from W we developed a great concept that builds on how the Sandvik customers see their screening operation – as a vertical process, rather than separate offerings. With this concept Sandvik can enter a new era for future screening opportunities around the world.

Magnus A Holst, Marketing Manager, Stationary Crushing & Screening, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

To learn more don’t hesitate to contact: Markus Weichselbaumer

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