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Nordic launch of the K-haler


Mundipharma has a portfolio of medicines within diabetes, respiratory, oncology, pain and biosimilars. The k-haler is a breath-triggered inhaler, that automatically releases a dose of medication as the asthma patient breathes in through the mouthpiece. W was asked to support the launch of the k-haler in the Nordics by developing a communication platform campaign to communicate the key benefits of the k-haler to Healthcare Professionals (HCP).


Drawing from our in-depth knowledge within the asthma therapy area, the team at W developed a sales story flow and key selling messages to communicate the key benefits of the k-haler. A complex story with complex lung deposition data was translated to an understandable and compelling flow, targeting respiratory specialists treating asthma patients in a hospital setting.




After a process of content development and iteration, the k-haler sales presentation was developed as an iPad sales presentation with speaker notes. A tool enabling the Mundipharma sales team to have an interactive discussion with HCPs on the added value of k-haler compared to other breath-actuated inhalers for the management of asthma.


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