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Opioid dependence Patient Discussion Guide



The beginning of 2019 saw the launch of the first long-acting individualised treatment of opioid dependence in Europe. The challenge was to change the current inertia of HCPs in the field and their lack of conversation with their patients when starting or re-starting a pharmacological treatment.


To support patients and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in their discussions around available pharmacological treatments for opioid dependence, it is vital that they have the appropriate educational tools. Based upon this need, W was asked to develop a visually simple and informative tool that HCPs could use during a consultation, to support patients starting a pharmacological treatment for opioid dependence.


Using our knowledge of patient educational tools, we developed an Opioid Dependence Patient Discussion Guide. The team at W worked with Camurus to evolve the content to ensure it was written in a patient friendly way and in a visual format that would encourage the patient to use the tool when visiting an HCP.


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“Camurus chose to work with W because of their expertise in creating HCP and patient tools in different therapeutic areas, at both global and local level. The discussion guide that W helped us to create represents a simple and easy to follow tool which will facilitate the adoption in the countries, as well as help patients and their treating doctors have a conversation around the treatment goals and the available treatment options.”

Eva Panarese, Senior Marketing Director, Camurus


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