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Portfolio brochure



Grünenthal is a pharmaceutical company with a track record of bringing innovative pain treatments to patients. W was asked to develop a product portfolio brochure to position the organization as the partner of choice in the management of pain disorders.


The pain market is a highly competitive one and Grünenthal wanted to communicate to their target customers their commitment to the therapy area by highlighting their broad pain portfolio. With the pain market being highly genericized, it is important that Grünenthal’s target customers understand the importance of using branded pain products in the management of pain disorders, and that innovative products offer unique patient benefits.

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gruenenthal portfolio brochure pain treatment pharma

An informative and visually impactful, Grünenthal-branded product portfolio brochure to be used during sales calls, congresses and exhibitions, to provide target customers with a concise overview of the organization and its product range in the management of pain disorders.