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SPS Fair Expo 2017


The SPS Fair is one of the most important annual exhibitions for drive manufactures. For Comsys, the creator of ADF Power Tuning, a technology that removes disturbance in electricity, it is the main event of the year. The SPS Fair is also a great way to meet both existing partners and distributors, as well as potential new clients. But to attract interest and curiosity, you need to stand out and be sure to present your offering in the right way. To be able to do so, Comsys turned to W for help to define the story flow, create messaging and design for their exhibition booth.

Some of the challenges with this project, were to come up with a creative, yet cost-efficient visuals, to make the exhibition booth seem and feel more spacious by using the area wisely, and to modify the message to reflect the visuals. Another challenge was to convert the mindset of the audience, that a rather new technology, such as the ADF Power Tuning, is better than a proven, worn-in technology. To venture into the less proven and trying something new, can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

So, how did we help Comsys to reach their goal of getting more visitors in their booth, creating interest and awareness of their product as well as standing out from their competitors?

SPS Fair booth

We started out by being selective of what to communicate, showcasing the technology and products as well as bringing it to life through industry relevant cases that really showed how the technology worked. With an updated visual design, a consequent and relevant messaging together with the personal meeting, Comsys experienced an increase of visitors, as well as in sales leads.

– In this digital age, it’s easy to forget the importance of the actual meeting. But I would say, that since we are connected more or less 24/7, live human interaction is more important than ever. Comsys has quite a long sales cycle which makes it important to have a close and personal relation to your target group. It’s hard to get under the skin of the key stakeholders the same way digitally as it is in real life or at an event, says Sunil Ramkali, CEO and Account Director at W.

Want to learn more about how human interaction and the personal meeting can help your business? Drop us a line or two and we will be happy to help!
SPS Fair booth 01

SPS Fair booth 02

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