W Communication Agency

Thorn - Hub of light

Zumtobel Group


Thorn Lighting, a member of the Zumtobel Group, is a globally trusted supplier of outdoor and indoor luminaires with integrated controls. The Thorn global brand team in Great Britain wanted to launch a concept called “Hub of Light” – an opportunity for customers from around the world to experience the future of lighting in a region aiming to stand out as the most dynamic, attractive and climate-smart in Europe – the Øresund region in Denmark/Sweden. The assignment was to create a communication package around the Hub of Light and to attract visitors to explore not only the Hub of Light, but also the region itself. Keywords for the project where: Scandinavian style, outdoor lighting, Øresund region and the Øresund bridge.


The team at W developed a tailor-made visual style and a specific concept logotype, the iconic Øresund bridge as a main sender (a bridge lit up with a solution from Thorn Lighting of course!)
The package also included an invitation film, built on a map clearly linking to the geographical region. This, together with other printed and digital materials, is continuously being used for the events taking place as part of the “Hub of Light” concept.