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Creating an employer value proposition, visual concept, and guidelines for an employer branding communication platform.

Our Challenge

Being an employee at Symetri not only offers a workplace at the world's largest Autodesk Solution Partner. It also offers a close-knit community where all strive towards the same goal – to challenge people to work smarter for a better future. But in order to achieve this goal, attracting and retaining talent plays a crucial part.

With a new brand platform and visual identity in place, together with collected insights, the team at Symetri was ready to strengthen their employer brand and explore a way to communicate all the great benefits that being part of their community will bring. And the team at W was more than happy to support.

The Solution

As with any insight-driven project, it’s the groundwork that sets the standard for the outcome. Based on the many insights gathered in a W organized workshop (explore the case here), complemented with in-depth interviews, analysis of employee surveys, and other HR insights. W together with Symetri developed an employer value proposition (EVP) framework. The framework included a message house, that covered the areas of what life is like as an employee at Symetri. The message house was divided into 4 pillars, each supported with various proof points. Additionally, an EVP statement was created and together the EVP framework set the foundation for all communications related to the Symetri employer branding platform – for both future and current employees.

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When the strategic framework was in place, it was complemented by a visual employer branding concept. The concept borrowed elements from the newly developed visual brand identity (explore case here) , where the elements were adapted with a playful twist. It was designed to work for various channels and formats, with the purpose of positioning Symetri as an open, dynamic and fun workplace, where innovation and collaboration are ever-present in the daily life of an employee.

Employer branding overview

With a strong foundation of the EVP framework and messaging, together with the visual concept, the final step in the development of the employer branding platform was the creation of guidelines for the Symetri brand portal.

Brochure with people on the cover

Final Result

Spanning from strategic work to visual design templates, the different deliverables created for Symetri included:

- An EVP framework, statement, and message house with supporting proof points, highlighting 4 different pillars of messaging around Symetri’s employer brand.

- A visual concept, closely linked to the brand identity – but with a playful twist.

- A visual style guide and guidelines for how to work with the concept, covering:

    • Color treatments and graphic elements
    • Image style and selection guide
    • Several social media design styles for different types of talent posts and formats
    • A digital brochure template

Templates for social media posts.

W have really taken the time to get to know us, our business and needs. They managed to capture the essence of our vision, both visually and verbally, and helped bringing our employer brand to a whole new level. It’s always a true pleasure working with the W team.
Fanny Rådman
Internal Communications Manager


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